testimonial A
Bradford Louryk

American theater artist and actor

I had no idea what was in store for me when I discovered Iris Rugs.

As the designer of a new boutique hotel in New York City, it was critical that every facet of the guest experience feel unique.  Dissatisfied with many commercially available options, I went through the arduous endeavor of having the great majority of my designs custom made to my own specifications, nearly across the board.  When it came to rugs, I took the same approach.  I spoke with a handful of custom rug manufacturers both in the United States and abroad, provided designs, and ordered samples.  The results were mixed, but the vast majority of the samples seemed to be made of plastic, were of a quality I wouldn’t put on the floor of a car, and were wildly expensive.

Back to square one, it was then that I turned to Instagram, discovered Iris Rugs, and met owner Ifrah Ansari.  Based solely on photos, it was clear that the offerings from Iris looked good—but then again, everything looks good in product photos, right?

Ifrah told me all about her company’s process and the high quality of the materials—no plastic here, folks—and she and her team got to work producing a couple of sample squares of my unusual design.  When the samples were finished (quickly, I might add), she sent me not only mine, but other samples that incorporated a range of techniques and fibers… and when I opened the package, I was BLOWN AWAY.  I could not get over the difference between the samples from Iris and those from literally every other custom rug maker I’d contacted, and it was immediately clear that I had to partner with Ifrah to execute this project.

Even better, the pricing fit my budget.

Better still, however, was forging a lasting relationship with Ifrah herself during this project.  Not only did she get me up to speed very quickly, but she helped guide me through choices it was difficult to make—for someone so hands-on as I—from half a world away.  At every step throughout the entire process, she provided photos and videos of hundreds of my rugs coming to life—from dying the wool to my specified colors to the final trim—all done by hand by the skilled artisans at Iris.  That my only point of contact during the entire project was Ifrah, the head of the company, was also incredibly impressive.  Her attention to detail, even in the face of a gaping time difference between the US and India, cannot be overvalued.   

Thrilled and impressed by the order for the hotel, when I moved into a new apartment on Park Avenue in New York, I worked with Ifrah on a one-of-a-kind rug for my home.  And I LOVE it.

As if all of this weren’t enough, I very much appreciate that Iris is a women-first company.  Not only is it capably led by Ms. Ansari, but she also works toward empowering others by designating a percentage of sales to women’s education, which only speaks to her kindness, her forward thinking, and her sense of innovation.  The simple fact is that whether you’re outfitting an entire hotel or your own home, Iris Rugs can provide exactly what you need and do it quickly, at the highest quality, at the best price, and with unparalleled customer service.  And you may just make a new friend at the same time.