Janna Watson


Canadian painter Janna Watson uses abstraction as both an escape from and return to the real.

As the world we know dematerializes into paint strokes, so too does her paint take stage as its very own character in a multi-act drama of composition. Bundles of colour, made up of discrete yet inseparable instances of pigment—what Watson refers to as “moments”—are teeming and poised as though caught mid-multiplication.

Janna Watson also runs Studio Watson, a business dedicated to redefining interiors with hand-tufted floor pieces inspired by the artist’s abstract compositions.

Now Studio Watson and IRIS Rugs have come into collaboration to help and promote women in the rural areas . The rugs are especially handcrafted by super talented women , who weave the rugs with love only for you.

“To Educate Girls is to
Reduce Poverty.”

A 2% of our every sales goes to the education of young women .

Join us in our cause .